Metering Company Recommends System to Help Utilities Comply with Water Reductions

May 7, 2015
The technology can help California water suppliers immediately and cost-effectively respond to urgent water restrictions

Badger Meter released recommendations on the latest metering technologies California municipalities, utilities and other water suppliers can begin using immediately to comply with state-mandated actions. Following Gov. Jerry Brown’s  April 1 statewide mandatory water restrictions calling for a 25% reduction in water usage through February 2016, Badger Meter outlines the new technologies that are making water usage visible in California.

As part of the new mandates, Section 17 specifically calls for the implementation of water-use monitoring and software technology. The newest Badger Meter offering, Beacon Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA), allows water suppliers to immediately respond to state-mandated actions through the use of cloud-based software and cellular metering technology. To date, more than 30 California water suppliers have added the Beacon AMA Starter Kit pilot program to their systems. Without the need to purchase servers or traditional fixed network infrastructure, pilot programs can be installed as soon as cellular radio endpoints are deployed.

In light of the state’s newest mandates, Badger Meter outlines the specific ways Beacon AMA can help California water suppliers achieve immediate water-saving results:

  • Meet monthly reporting standards. The State Water Resources Control Board now requires “urban water suppliers to provide monthly information on water usage, conservation and enforcement on a permanent basis.” When the cloud-based software suite is deployed at existing utility computers, utilities can generate regulatory compliance reports and sending them directly through the system.
  • Detect leaks faster: Using the system, water suppliers can identify customer-level changes that can detect where leaks are occurring. The system also can instantly send consumer notifications through e-mail or a mobile app.
  • Proactively communicate with customers: Water suppliers can educate consumers on new water restrictions and encourage conservation-oriented usage behavior by providing usage through a smart phone/tablet app. Water management features available through the Beacon AMA EyeOnWater app include graphics showing recent usage; usage trends; charting of historical usage; a leak alert function; and recommendations to conserve water, with the ability to set up a customized profile to receive personalized tips and access to a savings calculator.
  • Adopt rate structures and pricing mechanisms to promote water conservation: Using this system, water suppliers can comply with mandates to adopt metered rates that reflect the full cost of water production and delivery in order to promote water conservation.

Source: Badger Meter

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