Romania’s Largest Water Utility Selects Metering System

Jan. 14, 2015
Apa Nova Bucureşti will install a new metering system over the next four years

Itron Inc. announced that Apa Nova Bucureşti, the largest water utility in Romania serving two million customers, selected Itron to help modernize its water metering system. Over the next four years, Apa Nova Bucureşti will install Itron’s water meters for high-use customers and multifamily buildings, which will allow the utility to better manage and conserve water resources.

Apa Nova Bucureşti will use Itron’s water meters to improve the accuracy of billing to enhance customer service in Romania’s largest city of Bucharest. The water meters were selected for their reliable design and accuracy at low-flow rates.

“Apa Nova Bucureşti is committed to improving our water network through best-in-class metering solutions, which is why we chose to work with Itron,” said Mihai Savin, executive director at Apa Nova Bucureşt. “Itron’s high-quality water meters allow us to meet our goals for accurate billing to improve customer service and recover revenues.”

Source: Itron


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