Baltimore Seeks Feedback on Watershed Implementation Plan Proposal

Jan. 2, 2015
Public comments are due Jan. 20, 2015

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works is accepting comments on its proposed watershed implementation plan (WIP) to reduce storm water runoff and improve water quality.

Baltimore’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit required that the city develop a watershed implementation plan by the end of 2014 to restore 20% of the city’s impervious surface area.

The proposed WIP includes a list of projects and target neighborhoods, the costs of implementing these practices and programs, maintenance, partnerships and public outreach.

Given the ultra-urban nature of Baltimore, a diverse and comprehensive approach for meeting restoration and total maximum daily load (TMDL) requirements is needed. 

This includes:

  • • Installing storm water management projects, including bio-retention facilities and rain gardens, stream restoration, impervious surface removal and tree planting;
  • • Employing a variety of programs to improve water quality, including street sweeping, illicit discharge detection and elimination, and erosion and sediment control inspection; and
  • • Fostering partnerships to encourage private development of storm water management.

The Baltimore City MS4 and TMDL WIP is a requirement of the city’s MS4 Permit, which was issued Dec.  27, 2013.

The WIP is the city’s plan for achieving the 20% restoration requirement set out in the permit, as well as attaining applicable wasteload allocations (WLAs) for each established or approved TMDL for each receiving water body.

Comments on the draft watershed implementation plan are due by Jan. 20, 2015.

Source: City of Baltimore