Aqualogy Joins Smart Water Network Forum

Nov. 17, 2014
The global platform promotes the use of data-driven technologies in water networks

Aqualogy has joined SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum, a worldwide industry forum that promotes the use of data-driven technologies in water networks, making them smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.

Aqualogy is focussed on the development of sustainable innovations to shape the future of water networks. Through a range of smart water network solutions Aqualogy is working with customers to enable the efficient management of distribution networks, continuously monitoring and improving network performance in real time.

As an industry forum that brings together the key players from across the industry engaged in water-related projects, SWAN will ensure Aqualogy is at the forefront of changes and evolution in market demands. As a member of SWAN, Aqualogy will have the opportunity to define the future of Smart Water Networks through this platform that drives discussions, meetings, networking and knowledge sharing.

“As a global solutions and technology provider Aqualogy is committed to bringing to the UK innovative solutions for smart water network management," said Antoni Ventura, managing director of Aqualogy UK. "Joining SWAN enables us to share our knowledge and collaborate with other global experts who are interested in ‘smart solutions’, which is key for the UK as demands on the water market evolve.”

“We are delighted to have Aqualogy as part of the SWAN Forum during this exciting time for the industry.," said Amir Peleg, chairman of SWAN. "As a company that offers solutions across the entire water cycle, Aqualogy will bring an invaluable perspective to SWAN as we continue to create the dialog and actionable tools, such as the recently launched SWAN Interactive Architecture Tool, that are key to moving the industry forward.”

Source: Aqualogy