Badger Meter Releases App Update

Oct. 8, 2014
Consumer mobile app connects utilities & end-water users

Badger Meter has released an update for its EyeOnWater consumer mobile app. The app, available for customers of water utilities that have implemented the Beacon advanced metering analytics (AMA) solution, gives consumers direct access to their water consumption data and provides tools to help them manage their water use.

Available in the App Store, EyeOnWater is optimized for iPhone use, and an Android release is under development. Additionally, EyeOnWater is available as a web-based consumer portal for desktop applications.

“EyeOnWater goes beyond traditional monthly statements to connect utilities and their customers like never before,” said John Fillinger, director of utility marketing for Badger Meter. “Literally putting water usage data in the palm of consumers’ hands, EyeOnWater has the ability to help promote changes in water consumption—saving money and precious resources.”

Water management features available through the app include graphics showing recent usage, with a comparison against average usage; usage trends; detailed charting of historical usage; a leak alert function; and recommendations to conserve water, with the ability to set up a customized profile to receive personalized tips and access to a savings calculator.

Available exclusively through the Beacon AMA managed solution, EyeOnWater works in tandem with the system’s mission to deliver a simple, yet powerful approach for improved decision-making capabilities.

“The utilities we partner with want to improve their customer service, just as much as their customers want to be better stewards of their water use. Consumers are used to accessing a wide variety of information on demand via their smartphone. Now, through EyeOnWater, they can receive proactive communications from their water provider as well. Whether seeking a better understanding of how and when water is used, measuring effects of conservation efforts, or quickly identifying leaks, knowledge is power, and EyeOnWater provides consumers with a platform to more consciously understand and manage their water use,” Fillinger said.

Source: Badger Meter


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