East Orange County Water District Selects Software

Aug. 7, 2014
The software allows employees to access customer data in the field

California’s East Orange County Water District (EOCWD) has selected IDModeling Inc.’s flagship software, Sedaru. The industry’s real-time solution to connect various systems across today’s utilities, Sedaru leverages IDModeling’s hydraulic modeling infrastructure so that water industry professionals can anticipate water operations, understand impacts and solve problems for energy, quality, water resource and asset management initiatives.

Formed in 1961 to provide imported county water and augment limited groundwater, EOCWD supplies wholesale water to approximately 100,000 customers through several smaller agencies, including Tustin, Orange, Golden State Water Co. and the Irvine Ranch Water District. In addition, the district serves another 1,200 residential accounts in a “retail zone.”

“Since our motto is ‘frugal government,’ we’ve chosen Sedaru software to maximize our technology and help mitigate the cost of water,” said Lisa Ohlund, EOCWD general manager. “We only have five full-time employees, so our techs in the field also serve as customer service representatives. We needed to get them customer data while they were in the field, as well as GIS information.”

Utilizing Sedaru, EOCWD personnel are able to call up current customer data and historical maintenance information in the field on a tablet.

“Sedaru eliminates paperwork. Operators can get on an iPad to access information to complete tasks. All the information that operators need is at their fingertips. It saves time,” said Jerry Mendzer, superintendent of maintenance and operations.

The software also has the ability to leverage IDModeling’s hydraulic modeling data: “With Sedaru, we’ll be able to run scenarios before we perform an action—such as which valve to close in an emergency —inimizing the effect upon our customers and the rest of the system,” Ohlund said.

By using Sedaru, all of the EOCWD’s employees can apply their institutional knowledge with shared, real-time, analyzed data. Management will be able to monitor key performance indicators and communicate from their tablets or smart phones. Engineers will be able to anticipate events to coordinate prioritized action for operations and CIP. Operations and maintenance will be able to use real-time and predictive alerts, with GIS mapping to address water quality, energy and emergency events, to and from the field. Also, customer service will be able to communicate with the crews in the field to provide informed answers to customers.

“Sedaru has unlimited potential. It’s been a good relationship and we look forward to continuing it,” said Mendzer. “With Sedaru, the future looks very bright.”

Source: IDModeling