INFICON Receives Two R&D 100 Awards

July 17, 2014
The R&D 100 Awards recognize the top 100 technology products of the past year

INFICON has received R&D 100 Awards for Micro GC Fusion and Stripe Vacuum Gauge. The R&D 100 Awards recognize the top 100 technology products of the past year.

“INFICON is excited to have received two R&D 100 Awards this year and we are honored that our continued emphasis on technology excellence has been recognized by R&D magazine’s panel of experts,” said Lukas Winkler, president and CEO of INFICON. “Both products were designed with a sharp focus on our customer’s needs to have the best equipment available to maximize their work efforts. I congratulate our teams on their constant dedication to creating products that make a positive impact with our customers.”

The INFICON Micro GC Fusion is the first temperature programmable Micro GC that offers fast temperature ramping using capillary columns. It expands the horizons of fast and transportable gas chromatograph (GC) applications with features needed for accurate on-site analysis. Building on Micro GC technology, coupled with rapid temperature ramping, Micro GC Fusion covers up to C12 gas phase analysis with sensitivity and repeatability.

The INFICON Stripe High-speed Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge provides a 0.33 ms refresh rate and a response time of less than 1.0 ms. Stripe is 20 times faster than the current industry standard for vacuum pressure measurement. Operators see pressure fluctuations that were previously averaged out. Stripe also allows for precise pressure regulation.