Telematics, TaKaDu Collaborate on Communication System

March 10, 2014
Companies will integrate radio frequency system with water network management solution for water utilities

Telematics Wireless and TaKaDu announced a collaboration to integrate Telematics Wireless’ radio frequency system, cTwatch, for water distribution networks with TaKaDu’s cloud-based solution for water network management.

Telematics Wireless delivers cTwatch, a smart water network solution that provides a comprehensive, city-wide, two-way water network data collection and management system. TaKaDu helps water utilities maximize the use of their collected data through its statistical algorithms and mathematical analytics.

The collaboration between the two companies will enable direct real-time communication between cTWatch and the TaKaDu solutions, resulting in easier and quicker deployment of the two, as an end-to-end solution for water network data collection and management.

“Telematics Wireless' cTwatch network data collection and management system have been deployed in water utilities in Israel and worldwide, enabling providers to better manage their services. Through this collaboration, increased data is available from additional sensors and is provided on a more frequent basis. The enhanced communications and analysis will allow customers to make more informed decisions through more accurate use of this network data,” said Eddy Kafry, president and CEO of Telematics Wireless.

Source: TaKaDu