Cleveland Water Receives 15 Millionth Itron Water Communication Module

Jan. 15, 2014
The utility is currently halfway through deployment

Itron Inc. announced that Cleveland Water was the recipient of Itron’s 15 millionth water communication module. The water utility is more than halfway through its deployment of Itron’s smart metering solution, with 220,000 of its 425,000 water communication modules installed. The modules and associated Itron advanced metering infrastructure are part of Cleveland Water’s Clear Reads program, which aims to deliver improved customer service and efficiency.

Itron’s smart metering solution enables Cleveland Water to provide new benefits to its customers, including access to monthly bills based on actual consumption, rather than estimates. The utility can now obtain meter readings without coming to a customer’s property, which lowers the utility’s costs and carbon footprint. In addition, Itron’s technology enables the collection of information on an hourly basis, which alerts Cleveland Water, almost immediately, if a meter encounters an issue.

The smart water metering technology provides additional information to help customers understand their bills and manage their water consumption. Ultimately, this information will be available to Cleveland Water’s customers online and they will be able to sign up for proactive leak alerts to avoid high water bills. In addition, the utility’s customer service representatives use the hourly data as an additional source of information to assist customers with billing inquiries.

“Itron is dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs, helping address ever-increasing demand and ensuring reliable delivery of service. We’ve been honored to work with forward-thinking utilities like Cleveland Water to help better manage water resources,” said Paula Billingham, vice president of sales, marketing and delivery for Water North America at Itron. “The work Itron does every day is aimed at driving continued value for our customers in a resource-constrained world.”

Source: Itron


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