North Carolina City Selects AMI System

Dec. 5, 2013
Kannapolis will implement an AMI network, water meters & a consumer portal data management tool

The city of Kannapolis, N.C., will upgrade its water system with Mueller Systems' advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network. Mueller Systems is a provider of water infrastructure products and services and metering systems for water and electric systems.

Kannapolis will implement the Mi.Net Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities—the company’s two-way AMI network. The Mi.Net system will automate the city's meter reading-to-billing process by linking its meters, distribution sites and control devices in a single data network.

"We are committed to employing technology that will improve the level of service we offer our customers while increasing the efficiency of our water system," said Wilmer Melton, director of public works with the City of Kannapolis. "Mueller Systems' AMR solution has been a tremendous asset in helping us better manage our water system. The Mi.Net System will enable us to provide an even greater level of service to our constituents."

In addition to the Mi.Net system, the city is scheduled to install approximately 18,000 Mueller Systems water meters throughout the city by the end of 2014. A portion of the residential meters will be the brand’s 420 remote disconnect meter, a fully integrated remote disconnect meter designed to enable the city to remotely manage water services through the Mi.Net System.

The city will also offer its constituents tools to manage their water consumption by implementing the Mi.Data consumer portal, which provides information about water usage and improved communication between households and the city.

"The city of Kannapolis has developed a reputation for implementing technology that improves the relationship between the City and its ratepayers," said Hassan Ali, vice president and general manager of Mueller Systems. "Kannapolis has used Mueller Systems' HotRod AMR solution for several years, and in implementing the Mi.Net System, Kannapolis exemplifies how a municipality can efficiently progress from visual read to drive by to a two-way AMI solution." 

Source: Mueller Systems