Oldham Adds USB Module to Controller

Sept. 23, 2013
New feature allows for greater functionality

Oldham has improved the storage capacity of its MX 43 controller by adding a USB module. The USB option provides the user continuous data logging on the USB key at a user-defined sampling rate from 2 seconds to 15 minutes, recording in real time of all events (alarms, faults, alarm resets, calibration, etc.), automatic backup of the configuration, automatic backup of the firmware and the ability to load a configuration or firmware file from the USB stick in order to restore or update the system easily.

The 4-GB USB drive, fitted with the USB kit, provides a recording capacity of more than 2 years (18 months in the worst case for a controller equipped with 32 detectors), a 2-second sampling rate (32 measurements every 2 seconds) and 100 events per day per detector (3,200 events per day). The data are saved in CSV format for smooth processing with Microsoft Excel. 

Source: Oldham Fixed Gas Detection