Syrinix Joins European Water Consortium

Sept. 27, 2013
SmartWater4Europe is comprised of public & private water operators, technology providers & research organizers from across Europe

U.K.-based pipeline technology company Syrinix has been invited to join a European consortium to design the drinking water supply of the future.

Founded in 2004, Syrinix Ltd is based at Hethel Engineering Centre on the outskirts of Norwich in the U.K. The company develops and provides automated pipeline monitoring technologies for water utilities, with its products used extensively across London by Thames Water.

“This project is a great opportunity for us to showcase our passion for innovative technologies and demonstrate the full capabilities of the TrunkMinder and TransientMinder,” said Dr. Paul Linford, Syrinix’s chief technology officer. “We will be installing our TrunkMinder and TransientMinder products at the demonstration sites with a view to showcasing our technologies to other consortium members and the global water community. To be part of something that could future proof the water supply in Europe is an great opportunity and we are looking forward to working with the consortium.”

This project, titled SmartWater4Europe, aims to make a business case for smart water supply networks across Europe. Dutch water utility Vitens leads the project and has brought together a consortium of public and private water operators, technology providers and research organizers from across Europe.

The project has identified four European test sites, each with its own unique set of issues; including leakage control, water quality management, energy optimizations and ageing pipe network. The SmartWater4Europe consortium seeks to overcome these hurdles by developing and demonstrating an integrated solution for smart management of water distribution channels.

“The current method of water supply and distribution is outdated, reactive and certainly not intelligent,” explained Erik Driessen, Vitens’ innovation manager. “Having a sensor on its own doesn’t provide any information. You need a set of sensors and even more important is the software on top of it. One of the reasons behind bringing Syrinix on board is that they have the ability to apply their software and provide a comprehensive picture of the water pipeline network.”

Historically there was a lack of data-sharing between departments within water utilities, a lack of political and regulatory support and the available technology was fragmented. By collaborating with 12 companies, each with their own area of expertise and innovation from different European countries, project leader Vitens aims to have an integrated solution, a one size fits all approach, which can be easily adopted.

Source: Syrinix

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