USACE Develops Sustainable Infrastructure Strategy

Aug. 21, 2013
U.S. Water Alliance report lists four initiatives that will be the framework by which USACE manages the nation's water infrastructure

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), which designs, constructs and maintains America’s water infrastructure, has developed a framework by which it plans to address the issues of this infrastructure that is failing, according to the U.S. Water Alliance.

USACE attributes this infrastructure failure to its age, increasing demands, economic limitations and challenges that have developed over time such as demographic shifts and climate change.

With four complimentary initiatives, USACE has developed a strategy to address these challenges and become prepared for the future of the nation’s water infrastructure.

When addressing budget restrictions, priority will be given to investments that have the greatest economic benefits, promote public safety and human health, or restore aquatic ecosystems.

In the planning stages, a “3x3x3” rule will be used. Feasibility reports will cost no more than $3 million, take fewer than three years and use all three levels of USACE’s teams.

Green solutions, adaptable infrastructure and other techniques to reduce long-term maintenance costs will be utilized.

Improved communication and better tools will be implemented through modernized hydropower, sustainable water development and enhanced IT systems.

Source: U.S. Water Alliance