New Analytics Software Provides Timely Information

June 5, 2013
ReadCenter AnalyticsPro & ReadCenter Analytics+ are designed to help facilitate information-driven decisions

The newest releases of the ReadCenter Analytics software from Badger Meter provide water and gas utilities with access to timely metrics and information to help them manage operations more efficiently. Designed to give visibility to key utility management concerns, ReadCenter AnalyticsPro and ReadCenter Analytics+ make use of metering data to facilitate information-driven decisions. When coupled with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) hardware, the software delivers a Web-based advanced metering analytics (AMA) solution that helps utilities optimize operations to increase productivity, improve customer service, conserve resources and generate more revenue.

“Our next generation AMA software automates data analysis, so it’s no longer necessary for utilities to run reports to understand what is happening in their systems,” says Morrice Blackwell, marketing manager for software solutions at Badger Meter. “ReadCenter AnalyticsPro software makes real use of hourly interval data provided by the AMI system to help the utility understand what is really going on in their water operations. By delivering proactive meaningful information, our AMA solution helps utilities efficiently monitor and manage their valuable resources.”

The software features a dashboard that provides utilities with an immediate system overview. At a glance, water utility personnel can see potential issues such as leaks, tampering, no usage, reverse flow and endpoints that are reaching the final days of useful life. From the dashboard, users can click on the item in question to see the details behind the condition. The dashboard also includes a seven-day weather forecast for the local area to help utilities with outdoor work scheduling. Fixed network monitoring provides a summary of how fixed network data collectors and endpoints are operating.                   

“In addition to gathering and analyzing the metering data, AMA automates the first action in the decision-making process by alerting appropriate utility personnel of issues via email, text, or the system’s dashboard,” says Blackwell. “The proactive analytics are easy to use and can be set up in four simple steps.”

First, the utility selects and defines the system exceptions it is interested in monitoring. Then, they define the accounts they would like to monitor for the desired system exception. Next, the utility defines who should be notified once the system exception condition is found and how each individual should be notified (via e-mail, SMS or the system dashboard). Lastly, the utility defines the desired action that should be taken to resolve the issue.  

For utilities operating mobile automatic meter reading (AMR) systems, ReadCenter Analytics+ provides many features similar to ReadCenter AnalyticsPro that help utilities optimize their systems along with reading equipment loading and unloading capabilities. 

Customer service is improved with access to timely consumption information that helps utilities respond to customer billing inquiries and resolve disputes. Faster leak detection and ready access to consumer usage data support water and energy conservation efforts. Revenue management includes efficient importing and exporting of billing information using the ReadCenter Analytics interface. The software updates allow users to configure and email reports to streamline compliance with government regulations.

 “With thousands of AMR/AMI/AMA deployments under our belts, we are continually updating and improving our products to meet our customers’ changing needs,” adds Blackwell. “These new software releases are the latest enhancements in the evolution of our AMA solution and will support utilities in proactive operations management and efforts to preserve precious resources.”

Source: Badger Meter


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