Oldham Offers Wireless Gas Sensors

Feb. 21, 2013
Equipment uses a variety of methods to detect a large range of gases

Oldham’s flagship OLCT 80 field transmitter model now allows wireless connectivity in ATEX 1 zones.

The OLCT 80 Wireless is available as a remote version, with flameproof or intrinsic safety-approved sensors, depending on gases to be detected. It detects O2 and combustible, toxic and refrigerant gases. Its new XP IR infrared sensor detects combustible gases or CO2.

The OLCT 80 is a triple-head gas detector designed for use in explosive areas that offers three built-in relays. It has four 20-mA and RS 485 outputs for loop connection, and thus is ideal for reducing wiring costs. With its infrared remote controller and its onboard display, the OLCT 80 allows non-intrusive one-man calibration, which facilitates easy maintenance.

Available with infrared, catalytic, electrochemical or semiconductor sensors, the OLCT 80 detects most combustible gases and vapors, refrigerants, oxygen and toxic gases.

The wireless version of the OLCT 80 has a maximum range of 3 km, line of sight, making it ideal for detecting gases at sites that are difficult to hardwire. The OLCT 80 has a large range of sensors and can operate as a standalone unit, which can be useful in an ATEX area.

Source: Oldham