Kepware Enhances Flagship Product

March 1, 2013
New enhancements improve connectivity for power distribution, extend OPC support & simplify EFM configuration

Kepware Technologies announced new enhancements to its KEPServerEX platform, offering new solutions to simplify communications management. The announcement underscores the company’s commitment in listening to customers’ needs and developing relevant solutions for the variety of the vertical markets it serves.

The new KEPServerEX 5.11 enhancements include support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, in addition to the following new products and features:

  • • IEC 61850 MMS Client Driver: This new driver utilizes the Manufacturing Messaging Specification (MMS) of the IEC 61850 specification for sending data from substation automation devices to SCADA and HMI applications for analysis and reporting.
  • • OPC XML-DA Client Driver: This new driver strengthens the OPC Connectivity Suite offering, and enables users to connect to any OPC XML-DA Server. The driver simplifies connectivity to other third-party servers and can circumvent proprietary protocols, thus enabling KEPServerEX to easily aggregate OPC data.
  • • EFM Simulator: This new feature is an easy-to-use, flow computer simulator within the EFM Suite. The driver simulates EFM historical data in order to confirm that the EFM Exporter Plug-In configuration works properly. The EFM Simulator saves users time and money by eliminating the need to physically connect to flow computers when evaluating the server and exporter configurations.  

“I’m excited to begin using Kepware’s new IEC 61850 driver for the solar projects we will be working on in 2013 due to the ease of use and robustness I’ve come to expect with Kepware products,” said Xavier Vallespi, the technical information officer of Green Power Monitor.

Source: Kepware Technologies