Festo Offers Control Platform for Water Treatment

Nov. 28, 2012
Scalable control system is easy to install, efficient

Festo is now offering a modular and scalable control system that is designed to speed up water treatment control-system renovation and new installations. It offers considerable labor savings and operational benefits.

This control system is based on proven off-the-shelf products, which helps to lower cost and reduce the kinds of maintenance and support problems that are common with “one-off” designs. It is designed to reduce manual operation in favor of automation. Operators are presented a graphical overview of the treatment process in real time. Graphical animation and touch-sensitive areas on the operator terminal create an intuitive interface.

For example, touching the graphical image of a valve, filter or pump brings up detailed information about the device. Key operational data include level, pressure, temperature and flow. Having this information at their fingertips helps operators troubleshoot and maintain optimal treatment conditions. The Festo CPX control platform also delivers extensive self-diagnostics.

“Festo’s taken proven pneumatic and electric automation components and controls and assembled a system that reduces engineering costs and lowers risk,” said Craig Correia, Festo’s water industry segment manager.

Source: Festo Corporation