Hach Announces New Sensor Technologies

Feb. 1, 2013
Options enhance FL900 system

Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services has announced that the Hach FL900 Series flow meter family now includes an extensive selection of sensor technologies that accurately and efficiently solve sewer flow monitoring challenges.

With the recent addition of two new ultrasonic sensors—the Hach US9001 In-Pipe and Hach US9003 Down-Looking—the Hach FL900 system now offers level-only alarming and redundant-level functionality. In addition to ultrasonic level sensor technology, radar, electromagnetic and acoustic Doppler velocity technologies are also available. The plug-and-play design of the Hach FL900 system allows for up to four sensor connections with auto-detection of sensor type, allowing users flexibility with their Hach flow meter inventories.

The two new ultrasonic sensors are also available with Hach’s Data Delivery Services (DDS) program. DDS uses wireless Hach FL900 Series loggers and sensors, and it provides real-time unedited flow data through Hach’s FSDATA Web-based software. Several DDS packages are available. DDS can expand a firm’s project capabilities by providing a reliable wireless flow meter inventory or completely eliminating all the hassles of flow monitoring, including installation and maintenance.

Source: Hach Company Flow Meter Products and Services


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