Israel-Based Water Management Firm Joins Purdue Research Park

March 29, 2012
Will offer its monitoring systems for flood warnings, sewer systems

Municipal leaders may benefit from a new Purdue Research Park affiliate company whose technology can help them make informed decisions about hazardous situations involving water management, such as floods and wastewater treatments.

Alon Shwartz and Aviv Peled founded ommyx Ltd. in 2007 to serve the water, wastewater and environmental markets. In 2008, Doron Gover joined the company. The company's technology includes monitoring systems for flood warnings, sewage systems, water tanks and fuel tanks.

Shwartz said municipal leaders do not need to be logged into the ommyx system to receive alerts, nor does the software application need to be installed on all users' computers, which saves resources. Clients analyze information using the reporting system embedded in the management application.

"We create a full turnkey project for our clients," he said. "We get the system up and running for municipalities and provide server hosting and service around the clock."

Gover said existing water management solutions present information in a complex view to decision makers.

"This view hampers management's ability to make the right decision when needed," he said. "By applying business intelligence and analytics software, as well as advanced hydrological and hydraulic models, ommyx provides all-encompassing, advanced real-time data analysis and critical alert systems that help management make more informed and timely decisions."

Shwartz is the CEO, Gover is the active chairman and Peled is the vice president of research and development. Based in Israel, ommyx also has an office in Birmingham, Mich. Sven Andén, managing director of North America operations, will be the contact at the Purdue Research Park site where the company will conduct sales and provide customer service.

Andén said the Purdue Research Park serves as a good central point for ommyx.

"Purdue officials have been very helpful with contacts to government officials and potential local suppliers," he said. "The Purdue name carries a lot of clout that opens doors."

Source: Purdue Research Park