GPS Device Selected by American Water to Protect Lone Workers

Feb. 17, 2012

Discreet device improves safety and security of workers through alerts

The G4S LoneProtector lone worker protection solution has been selected by American Water to help reduce risk to its employees and facilities. The LoneProtector solution from G4S Justice Services LLC provides monitoring services and technology to support lone workers.

G4S Justice Services (G4S), the premier provider of advanced monitoring services, offers LoneProtector as part of its comprehensive suite of electronic monitoring products, services and technology. Through LoneProtector, G4S will provide American Water with custom monitoring solutions to help the utility safeguard its employees.

American Water workers now have access to the award-winning Identicom lone worker device – a discreet GPS device that looks like an employee ID badge. Specially trained G4S operators monitor these devices 24/7 at geographically redundant monitoring centers. Each device allows the American Water worker to alert G4S of trouble and allows G4S to contact the employee to check on his or her welfare. If an employee alerts G4S, operators can listen to and record the situation, notify local emergency response and provide the GPS location of the device.

The device also includes “man down” technology that notifies monitoring center operators if the American Water worker falls down or is immobilized. When the device raises a man down alert, operators in the monitoring centers assess the situation through an open audio channel and attempt to contact the employee. If the operators receive no response, they can dispatch local emergency response to the device’s precise GPS location to aid the worker.

“American Water is committed to the safety and security of our employees and our facilities, which are both essential to the treatment and delivery of high-quality drinking water to our customers,” said Nicholas Santillo Jr., Senior Manager, Operations Security for American Water. “Adding LoneProtector to our existing risk management assets helps safeguard our hard-working staff as well as protect the integrity of our systems so that we can ensure continued reliable service to our customers.”

American Water, the largest publicly traded U.S. water and wastewater utility company, employs approximately 7,000 people in more than 30 U.S. states and parts of Canada. The company chose to incorporate the use of LoneProtector with its existing safety and risk management programs to enhance the ability of reducing risk to its workers and facilities.

“By the nature of their work, utility workers often find themselves working off site, outside of close supervision or working outside of normal hours,” said Darryl Martin, president of G4S Justice Services. “American Water is leading the charge in adding the LoneProtector solution to its safety and risk management program. As a result, American Water workers and their families can have better peace of mind – regardless of their location.”

Through its partnership with Connexion2, manufacturer of the market-leading Identicom lone worker device, G4S delivers customized lone worker solutions across a wide range of sectors and industries using an industry-leading device. Prior to implementing the program, American Water conducted extensive field tests under a pilot program in multiple locations across the United States, which included careful evaluation and testing of the Identicom devices, the G4S monitoring software and the G4S monitoring centers.

Source: American Water

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