McCrometer Adds Live Chat on Website to Help Customers Find Solutions

Feb. 8, 2012

Online system allows customers to communicate directly with experts

Customers searching for flow measurement solutions in the oil/gas, municipal water, industrial process and agricultural irrigation industries will find the new live-chat feature at the McCrometer website makes it easier to select the right flowmeter for applications.

The online live-chat system allows customers to communicate directly with flow measurement experts. This new feature and icon can be found within each of the product pages under the “products” menu. Each session will be conducted by McCrometer staff with a background and expertise on the specific product page customers are on.

The technical staff at McCrometer is online during regular business hours to answer questions on topics that range from the science behind advanced flowmeter technologies to ordering and delivery. Customers now can receive expedited support during and after the sales process without having to install any additional software.

McCrometer’s website is designed to support the diverse requirements of customers from a variety of industries. Easy-to-navigate industry centers provide flow measurement solutions tailored to the specific measurement needs, operating environments and practices found in the oil/gas, municipal water, industrial process and agricultural irrigation industries. Located at the top-left corner of McCrometer’s home page, these links make it easy for professionals to click directly through to flow meter content that is tailored to meet their unique needs.          

As always, efficient top navigation and side toolbars make it easy for all instrumentation professionals to locate their target information in one or two clicks. The McCrometer website also features user-friendly customer service/support options, such as an automated flowmeter application evaluation search, as well as handy indexes of fluids and applications. A separate search option provides local sales rep office listings and contacts.

Source: McCrometer