DIOX-C Available With Two Control Options and Three Capacity Steps

July 19, 2005

Wallace & Tiernan, a group company of Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S), now provides even more variations of its DIOX-C chlorine dioxide generating and metering system. The largest member of the DIOX family is now available with capacity steps 1500, 3000, and 4500 g/h of chlorine dioxide and with basic and professional control options. The professional control makes for especially easy integration into higher-level automation and data networks. That enables flexible and requirement-oriented use of the DIOX-C systems for disinfection, oxidation, and deodorization tasks in industry and for drinking water supplies and wastewater treatment.

The Simatic S7-based basic control has a graphics-capable text display, the professional control is equipped with a touch panel showing a diagram of the generation procedure and the volumetric flow rates of water, chlorine gas, and sodium chlorite. The required chlorine dioxide concentration can be entered directly on the display. The necessary parameter changes are made automatically. The professional control can be integrated into automation and data networks such as Profibus DP, the intranet, or Internet. The basic control permits remote diagnostics via an external modem. Both controls provide intuitive operator guidance.

The chlorine dioxide is generated as an aqueous solution with a constant concentration. Depending on requirements, the chlorine dioxide concentration can be set between 1 and 3 g/l. chlorine gas and sodium chlorite are the basic materials for the generation process. This is an especially economical method. Moreover, the chlorine dioxide solution is very stable and can be injected via several metering points depending on requirements.

Like all systems of the DIOX series, DIOX-C also offers a high level of operational reliability. Its compact design includes an integrated collecting trough, intermediate tank and container, and it is fitted with rollers making it easy to stow in storerooms.

Source: Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services