Severn Trent Services Awarded U.S. Patent for Large Water Reservoir Management System

March 14, 2005

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. patent number 6,811,710 to Severn Trent Services for its Reservoir Management System.

The Reservoir Management System (RMS) is designed to control chlorine-related reservoir water quality and temperature uniformity in large water-containing reservoirs while reducing operational costs. Commercially tested since 1997, the system has proven to be an economical solution to manage, maintain and control residual levels across varying municipal, commercial and industrial applications. Unlike conventional mixing systems, Severn Trent's technology offers cost efficiencies through decreased power consumption and faster installation and service time. Installation of an RMS does not require plumbing changes and can be completed while the reservoir system is still in operation.

The RMS uses real-time water quality samples from inside the reservoir, automatically detecting and feeding the level of chlorine or chloramines required to maintain a consistent predetermined residual. The system's integrated analyzer provides continuous, accurate measurement of free chlorine and chloramines. The RMS is compact and operated independent of reservoir level, input flows or output flows.

Once installed in the reservoir, the circulatory motion of the water created by the RMS thoroughly mixes the contents of the tank, breaking the temperature stratification. When an analyzer on the RMS system senses a drop in chlorine residual, the system injects the disinfection chemical until proper residual levels are reestablished.

Severn Trent's RMS is currently in use in 60 reservoirs around the world.

Source: Severn Trent Services