ITT Industries will Donate Clean Water Equipment and Funds to Tsunami Survivors

Jan. 5, 2005

The devastating tsunami that struck southern Asia and the east coast of Africa on December 26 was one of the worst natural disasters in recent history. The immediate impact — more than 100,000 people killed and many more injured — was staggering, but the aftermath could be similarly deadly if steps aren’t taken quickly to address the issue of contaminated water supplies and the threat of waterborne diseases.

ITT Industries is donating water purifying equipment and expertise to some of the areas hardest hit by the killer waves and contributing financial aid to the global humanitarian relief effort.

ITT Industries is preparing 60 portable ST1 water treatment units for delivery to the disaster area. Combined, they are capable of treating more than 100,000 gallons of water every hour. The units are diesel powered — enabling them to operate in the many areas that are without electricity — and simple to operate and maintain. Most important, they provide the level of treatment necessary to combat waterborne diseases such as cholera and giardiasis.

ITT Industries also plans to ship gas-fed chlorinators to relief organizers operating in the region. Again, the equipment is suitable for emergency use. It treats contaminated water supplies with chlorine and provides the people in need with safe, drinkable water.

In the immediate wake of the tsunami, ITT Industries executives and personnel from the company's Fluid Technology business unit began working around the clock with international and local agencies to ensure that this water purification equipment would be sent to locations where they can do the most good. A number of company representatives volunteered to travel to the impacted areas and serve as support personnel.

In addition to addressing the issue of water safety, ITT Industries is also donating $500,000 to help defray the enormous costs associated with providing relief to all victims of the tsunami. The funds will be sent to agencies working on a global basis to support the huge relief effort now underway throughout southern Asia and east Africa.

Source: ITT Industries