Wastewater Recycling Plan Under Study in Hong Kong

Dec. 22, 2004

A scheme to recycle wastewater at a secondary sewage treatment plant at Hong Kong's Shek Wu Hui for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation is being explored and is expected to be in place in 2006, a Hong Kong official said.

Hong Kong's Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works Sarah Liao told the Legislative Council that a pilot scheme for reclaimed water reuse in Ngong Ping will be commissioned in late 2005 in conjunction with the operation of the sewage treatment plant.

Comprehensive sampling and testing will be conducted in the two pilot schemes to monitor water quality and health-related data, Liao added.Liao said a series of studies concluded in 2002 show that three different options—extension of water gathering grounds, seawater desalination and wastewater recycling—are technically feasible to provide an appreciable amount of additional water resources.

With results from the various pilot schemes, the Hong Kong government will be able to review its long-term water resource plan for securing adequate water supplies, Liao said.

Source: CP