NSF Issues First Shower Filtration Certifications

Nov. 19, 2004

NSF International announced that Culligan International Company, Paragon Water Systems and Sprite Industries, Inc. are the first companies to meet all requirements under NSF/ANSI 177: Shower filtration systems - aesthetic effects (NSF/ANSI 177). NSF/ANSI 177 is the first American National Standard to include product performance and safety requirements for residential shower filtration systems.

NSF/ANSI 177 applies to shower systems specifically designed for the reduction of free available chlorine, a chemical used to disinfect public and private water supplies. As with many drinking water treatment units certified for chlorine reduction, these products likewise address consumers' desire to remove this chemical from their water. One of the important features of these products is their ability to remove the chlorine under elevated water temperatures. Additional requirements include structural integrity testing to ensure product durability, material safety and product literature requirements.

For successfully fulfilling all safety requirements, Culligan International Company, Paragon Water Systems and Sprite Industries, Inc. may now bear the NSF Certification Mark on their certified shower filtration systems.

"Consumers describe Culligan as a dependable source of water quality expertise and as a brand they can trust," said Dermid Eagen, Culligan International Company. "Working with NSF to ensure consistent quality and performance of our products not only supports our brand but ensures that we continue to earn the trust of our valued customers with each product we make available in the market. We are pleased to be among the first to bring the new NSF shower filter certification to our channel partners and end-users. With regard to these products, a better shower begins with better water, and NSF is the consumer's assurance that their shower water truly is better."

"The industry was instrumental in the development of this standard, working with NSF and the NSF Joint Committee on Drinking Water Treatment Units, which includes a balanced representation of public health regulators, manufacturers and users," said Tom Bruursema, general manager, NSF Drinking Water Treatment Units Program. "With the development of this standard, consumers will be able to look for the NSF Mark and know that these filter systems meet appropriate requirements."

"Paragon Water Systems chose to pursue NSF Certification of our shower filters to separate us from the competition and instill the confidence in our customers that what we claim our products do, is in fact true," said David Swain, general manager, Paragon Water Systems. "The NSF Mark validates that our products not only work as advertised, but that they are also safer."

The NSF Certification Mark is an internationally recognized mark that inspectors, health officials, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers look to for an independent, trusted confirmation that all performance and safety requirements have been met.

"Standard 177 benefits the entire shower filtration industry and the consumer by 'leveling the playing field,' reducing false and/or misleading claims used to gain unfair competitive advantage," said David Farley, president and CEO, Sprite Industries, Inc. "Certified filtered shower products not only provide a higher level of confidence to the customer, but also further establish shower filtration as a legitimate category to the wholesale dealer and retail buyer."

Source: NSF International