European Commission Funds Water Resources, Other Environmental Projects

Sept. 16, 2004

The European Commission of the European Union (EU) on Sept. 9 approved funding for 20 projects in various EU member nations addressing the sustainability of water resources, according to a commission press statement.

The funding will support projects throughout Europe on such topics as wastewater treatment, nonpoint source pollution, river basin management, and groundwater protection, the statement noted. The funding is part of a €76 million (US$91 million) financing package that will support a total of 109 environmental projects in 18 EU member countries, the statement said.

In each case, the funding will cover about one-third of the project's costs, while the remaining two-thirds will be provided by awardees, their partners, and other financiers, according to the statement. The funding is being provided under the EU's LIFE Environment program, which supports the development of new methods to implement EU environmental laws. Nearly half of the projects funded under the program this year focus on integrated environmental policies and management, while projects on water resources, clean technologies, and pollution prevention and waste management each received between 15% and 20% of the total funding, according to the statement.

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Source: EU