ThermoEnergy Signs Wastewater Consulting Contract

May 19, 2004

ThermoEnergy Corp., entered into a contract with Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc., to evaluate the potential economic and process impact of using their Ammonia Recovery Process and ThermoFuel Process technologies at King County (Wash.) Metro's West Point wastewater treatment plant.

The Ammonia Recovery Process is an adsorption process designed to remove and recover ammonia from dilute waste streams. The ammonia is then concentrated and converted to ammonium sulfate, a commercial grade fertilizer, and sold to agriculture markets worldwide.

ThermoFuel is an innovative renewable energy process that converts waste activated sludge into a low-moisture, high-energy fuel that meets EQ Class A standards and can be used by cement and power plants. ThermoFuel forms the basis of the company's patent-pending 'Sewage Treatment Method' that allows wastewater treatment plants to essentially double the capacity of their existing digesters and enables 100% Class A biosolids production from primary sludge. This is accomplished by hydrothermal treatment of the waste activate sludge, typically 40-50% of the plants sludge production.

ARP can be used to reduce plant nitrogen nutrient emissions directly or as a step in the company's patented "Enhanced Biogas Production Process", a proprietary method of upgrading new or existing wastewater treatment plants to lower ammonia toxicity and optimize biogas production in their anaerobic digesters - the key process component in a typical wastewater treatment plant.

In addition to King County, several other large metropolitan wastewater agencies are currently evaluating these technologies for potential implementation in their systems.

Source: TE