WorldWater Corp. Chairman Authors Section of New Business Book on Company Leadership

March 15, 2004

Quentin T. Kelly, chairman and CEO of WorldWater Corp., has contributed a section of the upcoming book Inside the Minds: The Green Company, to be published in May 2004 by Aspatore Books.

Inside the Minds: The Green Company is an insider's perspective on the strategic thinking behind leading and evolving an environmentally conscious company. It features groundbreaking CEOs on the benefits and economic rewards of operating an environmentally-conscious company. Other contributors to the book include Yves Couette, President and CEO, Ben and Jerry's, Steven Zwolinski, CEO, GE Energy-Wind Energy Segment, and Steve Demos, founder and president, White Wave, Inc., the largest producer and marketer of soymilk products in the U.S.

Kelly's chapter, "The Environmental Nexus: Where Water and Solar Power Meet" discusses the global water and energy crisis -- and the solutions that WorldWater Corp. provides to both water and energy problems. "Water and energy are the source and pulse of our lives and their supplies are rapidly dwindling," Kelly says. "We all need to increase the use of the technologies available to help resolve these crucial problems."

WorldWater is fortunate, Kelly notes, because, as opposed to many businesses, "the more profit our company makes, the more society benefits - clean air, fresh water for drinking and food production, light and clean power for healthy home and industrial use. We earn money by enhancing the world's quality of life."

The book is part of Aspatore's "Inside the Minds" series, which provides readers with proven business intelligence from C-level executives (Chairman, CEO, CFO, CMO, Partner) at respected companies nationwide.

Source: WorldWater Corp.