Sonic Constructs Demonstration Plant for PCB-Contaminated Soil Remediation

Feb. 25, 2004
Company Readies for Regulatory Approval Demonstrations

Sonic Environmental Solutions Inc. has completed construction of Plant One, a PCB-contaminated soil remediation facility, at Sonic's Demonstration Facility in the City of Richmond, B.C.

The company is now ready to demonstrate its remediation process for PCB-contaminated soils to the B.C. Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection (the "Ministry"). These demonstrations are required by the Ministry in order that they can accept Sonic's process for commercial use in British Columbia.

The Ministry has approved Sonic's application to undertake the required demonstrations and the City of Richmond also has given its support for Sonic to proceed with remediation demonstrations on PCB contaminated soil using Plant One.

"Over the last few months we have made presentations to the Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE), the Community Safety Committee and the Council of the City of Richmond and have received a unanimous approval for demonstration of our PCB destruction process," Sonic Environmental President and CEO Adam Sumel stated. "Our technology was hailed as 'the holy grail of decontamination' in a local newspaper article which can be viewed on our website".

The demonstrations will be conducted on contaminated soil samples and will provide quantitative information to the Ministry on both the safety and efficacy of Sonic's process. Sonic will demonstrate that the process destroys PCBs to below the required levels and that all process streams are safely disposed of.

Sonic is poised to make a difference in the environmental arena using its one of a kind technology and the Company's unique process capability to remediate PCB contaminated soils. PCB contaminated soils are an enormous global problem which Sonic has the potential to take advantage of due to its technology being a scalable, transportable solution.

Source: Sonic Environmental Solutions, Inc.