USFilter Wastewater Reuse Technology Receives Title 22 Certification

Oct. 10, 2003

The Hydrotech Discfilter from USFilter Kruger Products has received Title 22 certification from the State of California Department of Health Services.

The Title 22 regulation requires technologies meet specific filtration parameters for wastewater reuse applications.

Through a three-month pilot test, which began in April 2003, the Discfilter was tested across a range of hydraulic and solids loading rates. At each rate, the Discfilter met the state's requirement and consistently exceeded the performance criteria even at high solids loadings and hydraulic loadings of 6 gpm/sqft.

"Title 22 certification is the highest standard for reuse technologies to be measured against," said Terry Mah, vice president and general manager of USFilter Kruger Products. "The Discfilter's certification clearly proves the system's effectiveness and consistency."

The Hydrotech Discfilter is a relatively new addition to USFilter's portfolio of filtration equipment. USFilter acquired the technology last year from Hydrotech AB of Vellinge, Sweden. Although still gaining ground in the North American market, there are more than 3,000 Hydrotech filter installations worldwide.

The filters are used in municipal drinking water and wastewater filtration applications as well as a variety of industry applications. To date, the majority of U.S. installations are water reuse, tertiary filtration and process water intake applications. More than 25 installations in the U.S. have been sold to date.

Source: USFilter