Datamatic Reaches 500,000th Sales Milestone for FIREFLY AMR Meter Interface Unit

Sept. 9, 2003

Executives with Datamatic, Ltd., has reached a historic milestone with the sale of the 500,000th FIREFLY(R) Meter Interface Unit. Designed for water, gas and electric meters, the half millionth FIREFLY MIU will be part of an order to be delivered by reselling partner Groeniger & Company to the Dublin San Ramon Services District in Dublin, Calif. A leading supplier of enterprise meter reading solutions, Datamatic has served utilities worldwide since 1977.

"Demand for our automated meter reading systems has expanded because utilities are under increasing pressure to better manage their water supplies and expenditures," stated Datamatic Vice President Scott Durham. "FIREFLY can do much more than simply reduce meter reading costs. Our AMR system has been proven to improve a utility's customer service while enhancing productivity and efficiency."

The 500,000th FIREFLY is part of a 5,600 unit project sold by Groeniger & Company to the Dublin San Ramon Services District in Dublin. This project includes complete meter change out to AMCO encoded meters and installation of a FIREFLY AMR system. Vulcan Construction and Maintenance of Fresno is the general contractor for the project.

Source: TimePiece PR