Rio Sample Manager optimizes workflows and reporting

Oct. 12, 2023
The latest version of Rio from Aquatic Informatics includes a Sample Manager to streamline sampling, monitoring and reporting workflows for wastewater systems.

Aquatic Informatics' Rio platform has changed year-over-year with new features and functionalities that it showed off at WEFTEC 23 in Chicago. Chief among the changes is the Sample Manager.

Rio Sample Manager

Utilities can use this cloud-based tool to manage their sampling and analysis work. It can take in all required reporting information and generate reports for the utility to streamline workflows and reduce paper use.

A calendar view can show managers at a glance which reports are needed on which days to maintain accountability and ensure samples are collected on time for compliance reporting. Each card on the calendar can be rearranged or moved to another day simply by dragging and dropping it where it is needed. Additionally, those cards can be assigned to specific workers and it will show up when they log in.

The entire feature set is also available on mobile devices for ease of sampling and reporting in the field.

For security, the software uses Azure (Microsoft) security measures, meaning it leverages the security protocols already put in place by the organization for two-factor authentication and encryption of secure data.

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