Feb. 2, 2022

The LMS II is a complete pre-programmed level management system that provides intuitive control for storm and sanitary lift stations. The system comes equipped with a color touch screen with setpoint adjustment, trends, and built-in help buttons which allows users easy interaction with their control system.

The LMS II has several failover options available such as redundant transducer and redundant float backup controller which can all be enabled to give users peace of mind their system will keep pumping. The flow estimation feature uses an algorithm that can calculate influent, effluent, and per pump flow rates along with flow totalizators for constant speed applications.

Featuring state-of-the-art DNP3 technology, end-users receive instant access to important information from their lift stations integrated with the LMS II. If an alarm occurs, operators will be notified instantly instead of waiting for potential polling delays, increasing operators' time to respond. The LMS II can store up to 10,000 events, ensuring end-users won't miss anything occurring in their system between updates. DNP3 also allows us to provide our customers with real-time pump feedback, so there is never a question about what’s going on at a lift station when operators are away.

The LMS II can be paired with several devices to provide alarm notifications such as phone dialers, dry contacts, SCADA interface, etc.

Every LMS II comes MetroCloud ready, making cloud SCADA monitoring for l lift stations available for a low monthly fee. The same built-in touch screen functionality is available remotely via internet-enabled devices, giving end-users secure lift station monitoring and control capabilities whether on-site or remote.

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