SCADA System No Longer Supported? Water District Upgrades to Cloud-based System for Less Than One Quarter the Cost of New

Jan. 31, 2022

XiO’s cloud-based SCADA systems offer monitoring and control without an on-site SCADA server – saving thousands of dollars over traditional SCADA.

Challenge: Finding affordable SCADA for community water system

Cottonwood Water District (CWD) provides drinking water to approximately 3,000 residential and commercial customers via 1,200 service connections. The District had an older PC-based SCADA system that was built on a popular PC operating software which was no longer supported by the manufacturer. The estimate to build a new PC-based SCADA system was cost prohibitive for the small district.

Solution: Cloud-based SCADA provides monitoring and control for less than one quarter the cost of a new PC-based system

With the XiO Cloud SCADA® System, district staff can view tank levels and pump statuses, as well as fill and drain cycles from a desktop computer or mobile phone. The team can verify conditions at-a-glance and cut down on the number of vehicle trips required to investigate alarms, allowing them to focus on other more pressing issues. Being able to control their system remotely saves them money.

Soon after installation, the XiO system alerted district staff to a loss of communication at one of the storage tanks. An alarm was triggered by a loss of power due to suspected vandalism at the site. Since they received a prompt alarm, staff were able to get backup power to the site while they worked on repairing the electrical connection. XiO’s remote monitoring and control allowed the District to quickly address a problem and avoid any interruptions in service to their customers.

By leveraging XiO’s cloud platform and 24/7 support, the District no longer needed to have an on-site SCADA server. XiO’s cloud-based SCADA systems help water systems do “more with less”—safely.

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