Reducing leakage: Improving Efficiency in Lu’an City, China

April 28, 2020

Reducing leakage and improving efficiency in Lu’an City, China.

Identifying ways to lower the levels of non-revenue water (NRW) and reduce leakage across Lu’an City was a priority for the Luan Water Company. Additional network efficiency measures to support infrastructure upgrades were essential in this developing urban environment.

Lowering leakage

While high profile water transfer and conservation projects are helping to relieve the water scarcity issues China faces as its economic success story continues, there is increasingly a movement towards identifying and implementing ways to drive efficiency in local water distribution and consumption in conurbations through improved monitoring and metering.

A phased approach

In Lu’an City, a two phased approach would see water management processes upgraded across the entire existing distribution network. The objective was to achieve a significant reduction in water wastage and lower rates of NRW. A high-performance leakage management solution was required in the immediate term, but it also had to be future-proof and have the technical capability to meet the expanding needs of Lu’an City’s water consumption.

Performance matters

As well as relevant experience in the Chinese water industry, ABB offered high quality and reliable flow measurement with its AquaMaster electromagnetic flowmeter solution, which also feature remote monitoring capability. The Luan Water Company opted to install ABB’s flowmeters in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the city’s efficiency upgrade, optimizing its investment and ensuring operational efficiencies could be achieved over the longer-term.

ABB’s flowmeters provide a total solution for flow measurement in the potable water industry, helping reduce leakage and improve NRW rates.

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