Installing Water Efficiency for Rapidly Growing Chinese Megacity, Tianjin

April 23, 2020

Installing water efficiency: Measurement for rapidly growing Chinese megacity, Tianjin. 

With a population already in excess of 15 million, Tianjin is China’s third largest city. Growing demand for water means efficiency measures are a priority for the Tianjin Water Company and its water treatment partner Veolia. 

A Scarce Commodity

Covering an area of over 11,500km², the coastal megacity of Tianjin is a key city for China with strategic economic importance due to its location in the Port of Beijing. However, exponential population growth coupled with growing demand from industry and agriculture, has resulted in a rapid rise in water consumption. High profile projects such as the South-North Water Transfer Project have improved Tianjin’s water supply, but additional water infrastructure efficiency measures are also required.

Keeping Track

Accurate monitoring of water flow rates plays an important role, both in improving efficiency through early identification of leakage, and in accurately tracking volumes of water for revenue-generating purposes. In this case, the state-owned Tianjin Water Company needed to reliably measure the volume of source water being transferred to, and treated in Veolia’s plant, as part of their commercial relationship.

Going with the Flow

The pump station and water supply plant upgrade was a high-profile project for the Tianjin Water Company and Veolia, and its success would determine future approaches. Having previously used ABB’s electromagnetic flowmeters in existing projects, our products were a tried and tested solution. On this occasion, ABB's larger diameter WaterMaster electromagnetic flowmeters were installed throughout the infrastructure upgrade to enable reliable monitoring of water flow rates, and accurate calculation of water revenue.

ABB’s WaterMaster electromagnetic flowmeters are a tried and tested, high quality solution that offers accurate and reliable monitoring capability throughout the water treatment and distribution process.

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