Army Corp. of Engineers Dam Gate Building

Oct. 7, 2019

Easi-Set Precast concrete buildings are proven functional and economical solutions for water and wastewater facilities. In particular, a growing market is evolving for their use for as pump and well houses, chemical/hazmat storage, treatment buildings, and control buildings. Larger needs are also met by joining precast modules and the use of Easi-Span (clear span) roof sections.

Interest in this type of building has evolved as companies like Easi-Set Buildings have brought attention to their functional value. Easi-Set buildings are fabricated using separate wall, roof and floor panels. Smaller buildings can be delivered completely assembled and outfitted straight from the manufacturing plant. Larger buildings are assembled on-site. Due to the modular technology, the buildings can be installed on a concrete slab/foundation or even a gravel pad in just a matter of hours, limiting work site disruption. They can also be customized and assembled around existing equipment or delivered pre-assembled without a floor to fit over it. In every case you end up with a cost-effective, low maintenance and long lasting solution, maximizing your return on investment.

Easi-Set Buildings Producer Norwalk Concrete Industries of Norwalk, Ohio recently finished this unique Easi-Span installation at Lake Milton State Park. The 1700 acre recreational Lake Milton in North East Ohio is impounded by a dam originally built in 1916 to serve as an industrial water supply for the Mahoning River Valley. Plans were made to upgrade the earthen embankment; concrete spillway and lake drain system at the Lake Milton Dam to meet compliance with Ohio dam safety laws and rules. As part of this project the Dam Gate equipment building was upgraded. The challenge was that the building would need to sit right on the dam with 3 sides exposed to sheer drop offs, with limited access for construction. There was also a need to have a building that would weather the exposure to the raw elements of the location and last at least another 100 years with little maintenance cost. The answer Norwalk provided was an incredibly durable 20’ x 37’ all-precast concrete building with an Easi-Span clear span roof. The building was brought in panelized sections and placed by a small crane. Erection was completed in a matter of just a few days.

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