Easy, Fast & Accurate Flow Measurement

Sept. 19, 2019

Measure every drop accurately with the AquaMaster4 Electromagnetic Flowmeter.

AquaMaster4 Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a single box solution that provides you highly accurate measurement of flow, pressure monitoring and integrated data logging in a single product so you can achieve more with fewer devices and less capital expenditure.

Plus, with wide flow range, high accuracy and long-term stable calibration, you get accurate billing for true consumption instead of estimates. AquaMaster4's easy-to-use intuitive interface enables even unskilled operators to capture in seconds what used to take minutes with reduced human errors.

AquaMaster4 is fit for the following:

  • Water supply in district/zonal metering area;
  • Revenue metering;
  • Leak monitoring in district/zonal metering area; and
  • Survey and flow investigation.

Coming to WEFTEC 2019? Visit ABB at booth #2225 to check it out in person.

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