Intelligent SCADA System

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This complete SCADA system offers monitoring and remote control access that allows users to better manage, operate, and maintain water and wastewater applications. The system includes all the purpose-built hardware, software, support and connectivity necessary to monitor the system. The recent system enhancements include the MyDro series of remote terminal units (RTUs) and a customer web portal, 123SCADA. 

The MyDro series of RTU augments legacy unit functionality with the addition of enhanced electronics and an onboard, interactive display screen. MyDro RTUs support 16 digital inputs, six analog inputs, two pulse inputs, and two analog outputs. Over-the-air firmware upgrades are available, and the LCD touch screen supports local configurability, while displaying current RTU statuses. It offers retrofit kits that allow users to upgrade legacy series RTU to the MyDro series, regardless of enclosure. 

The web portal adapts to all screen sizes. Users can open multiple windows for a control room effect with desktops that can be saved and called up on demand. Users can interact with graphs using the mouse wheel or touch screen. There is no need to refresh windows, as data streams to the browser in real-time. 

For those who are comfortable with the legacy web portal, it offers a classic view that incorporates the modern conveniences of 123SCADA with menu navigation similar to the legacy portal. A mobile app is available for free download through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by searching 123SCADA. The app has all the functionality of the mobile web portal, but with support features to benefit water and wastewater professionals who are on-the-go

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