Planning Tool Helps Engineers Evaluate Instrumentation

Nov. 5, 2018

Results are available in a variety of formats

KROHNE has renewed the “Planning Tool for generation of tender documents for industrial process measurement.” This free online tool for easy compilation of tender documents for process instrumentation now features a new user interface for fast and easy navigation.

Planning engineers for water and wastewater plants and systems face a very complex task, as they have to align changing requirements with new technological developments and resulting possibilities. In terms of process instrumentation, the planner not only needs to be familiar with the most important technologies, but also must know about the advantages and disadvantages of all measuring methods that can be applied to a certain measuring point. Given the wealth of alternatives, many planners find it difficult to choose a particular meter. 

The renewed “Planning Tool for generation of tender documents for industrial process measurement” features items visually grouped into typical processes—such as water abstraction, water treatment, public sewage network or sludge treatment—and comprises process instrumentation for typical measuring points. Therefore, it provides full planning security, as all presented devices are available. It also includes various desalination technologies, which is of particular interest to planners who work on international water supply projects.

After selecting a measuring point, tender texts, data sheets, operating instructions and computer-aided design (CAD) drawings can quickly be created and saved. A download of the tender texts is possible as a Word, Excel or GAEB file. Device-specific downloads, data sheets, manuals and short-form descriptions can be accessed. Two-dimensional and 3D CAD drawings are available in DWG, IGES, SAT, STEP and SLDPRT formats, as well as calculation software. The Planning Tool is web-based, and local installation is not required; click here to use it. As an introduction, a video recording of a one-hour webinar introducing the functionalities of the Planning Tool can be found here.

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