Open Channel Flowmeter Measures Level, Flow Rate & Volume

April 17, 2018

Solution is suitable for a variety of open channel flow measurement applications

The Dynasonics iSonic 4000 flowmeter from Badger Meter is an economical solution for a wide range of open channel flow measurement applications, accurately measuring level, flow rate, and total volume of water and other liquids flowing through weirs and flumes.

The Dynasonics iSonic 4000 flowmeter is well suited for applications ranging from flow into water treatment plants, storm and sanitary sewer systems, and effluent from water resource recovery, to industrial discharge and irrigation channels. It employs a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor to measure the water level in a flume, weir or other channel. Based on Manning’s equation, the flow rate is determined according to the dimensions, characteristics and water level of the channel, allowing for a cost-effective solution for measuring flow in angular open channels and partially filled pipes, as well as measuring volumetric contents of liquids in tanks.


Badger Meter

April 26, 2018