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April 3, 2018
Virginia city finds value in precast concrete buildings

Among the Civil War history and rolling hills of Culpeper, Va., is an active and growing community. City officials recently set out to accommodate this growth by improving the town’s water lines and expanding its well system. The city repeatedly has turned to Easi-Set Buildings for various projects over the years, and it again found a solution in precast concrete structures. This time, Midland, Va.-based Smith-Midland Corp., an Easi-Set Buildings licensed producer, manufactured and installed two completely customized Easi-Span Buildings for well water treatment buildings.

Building a Solution

Three ground water wells were added to the sites, working at a capacity of about 200 gal per minute. The new precast concrete buildings that house the well equipment are 20 ft by 50 ft by 12 ft and 20 ft by 60 ft by 12 ft, with the second being slightly larger to accommodate a laboratory. The well water treatment buildings were customized with multiple small rooms that were created by precast partition walls. Rollup doors were added to provide easy equipment access and larger clearances. Each building was installed in less than a week.

Panel erection using crane.

This is the first time the contractor has worked with Easi-Set Buildings, and the project manager said, “Everything went great. The buildings look great and everyone was so easy to work with.”

Easi-Span Buildings are the largest clear-span all-concrete building system on the market, in addition to being the only expandable concrete building system. The buildings are completely customizable with many finishes and colors. Precast concrete buildings are suitable for water treatment facilities because of their strength and reliability. They are weatherproofed and fire-, windstorm-, earthquake- and ballistics-resistant.

Smith-Midland has a long-standing relationship with Culpeper, completing approximately 10 building installations with them.

20 ft by 60 ft by 12 ft Easi-Span building.

“We work hard to exceed our client’s expectations, and customers regularly come back to us,” said George Sharikas, sales manager for the utility products division with Smith-Midland. “We’ve worked with the town of Culpeper for years, and we are excited to do even more with them.”

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Later this summer, a restroom building and electrical building will be installed by Smith-Midland at one of the water treatment sites to complete the expansion. 

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