Software Apps for Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter Improve Installation

July 19, 2017
Product suitable for a variety of applications

New innovations in clamp-on ultrasonic liquid flowmeters take the pain out of installation for facilities engineers and operators with a comprehensive software package of apps designed to make setup, validation of hardware and software, and calibration easy. The InnovaSonic 207i ultrasonic liquid flowmeter includes onboard Smart Interface Portal software with apps such as MeterFit to help optimize signal strength to ensure strong performance and easy setup. EnergyPro allows users to fully configure a thermal energy/BTU flow energy measurement system, including data logging and totalization of all energy functions. Apps such as ValidCal diagnostics make field calibration validation easy.

In addition, the 207i has clamp-on sensors, so no pipe cutting or expensive plumbing is needed during installation. A visual sensor spacing tool on the local display or via software app allows end users to slightly move the sensors together or apart to position an indicator line between “goal posts” to ensure optimal signal strength. This gives engineers peace of mind that the meter is installed correctly with a strong signal, ready to measure flow.

The 207i ensures accuracy of ±0.5% of reading from 0.16 to 40 ft/second (0.05 to 12 meters/second), even if liquid density changes, as the temperature of a flowing liquid moves up and down over time. The 207i is the first ultrasonic flowmeter to have dynamic real-time liquid density compensation to assure the highest possible accuracy. Since transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters measure liquid flow rate by detecting the speed of sound in the liquid, a small change in liquid density will impact the speed of sound measurement and thus impact accuracy. Unlike other ultrasonic meters that assume a fixed liquid density, the 207i calculates liquid density in real time by adding a temperature input from a transmitter provided by Sierra or by using an external input from an existing transmitter.

The InnovaSonic 207i is suitable for common applications such as water and wastewater, leak detection in piping systems, thermal energy/BTU measurement, cooling and heating fluid measurement, monitoring and controlling of HVAC systems, fuel and oil consumption measurements, offshore oil and gas applications, and more. It is available to rent or buy online, with fast delivery. Click here to watch a video about the Quick Start app.

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