Simplifying Cleaning to Improve Online Turbidimeter Performance

Oct. 21, 2018
Turbidity measurement system provides reliability

The Swan AMI Turbiwell with auto-drain helps resolve a common and annoying problem—keeping a turbidimeter from fouling. While many analyzers position light sources and detectors near the bottom of the measurement chamber, this turbidimeter avoids this trap. 

On the Turbiwell, both source and detector are mounted in the cover of the measurement chamber, and a drain is mounted in the bottom. This means that sediment is flushed out before it can become a problem, while all optics are kept out of the path of potential coating substances. When cleaning or maintenance is needed, the measuring chamber is readily accessible from the front of analyzer, with no tools required. A push on the retaining nut and the entire measuring chamber swings out for easy access.

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The complete, factory-tested system is mounted on a back plate for easy installation and operation.

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