Analyzer Measures Organic Material Load in Drinking Water

June 16, 2020

Device can be used to optimize the UV disinfection process

The Swan AMI SAC 254 analyzer provides photometric measurement of organic material load in drinking water based on DIN EN 38404-4. Spectral Absorbance Coefficient UV254 measurement with turbidity compensation enables process adjustments to cost-effectively adjust clarification chemical feed to reduce final effluent natural organic material loading. This reduces disinfectant demand and disinfection byproduct formation, thereby improving water quality.

The dissolved organic carbon formed from natural organic material such as humic acid, lignins and other organic material can also be directly correlated with the SAC 254.

When UV disinfection is employed, the UVT value for the SAC 254 can be used to optimize the UV disinfection process.

The complete, factory-tested system is mounted on a back plate for easy installation and operation.