Hydrostatic Level Gauging System Requires Little Maintenance

April 8, 2003

The new WELL WATCHER (TM) hydrostatic level gauging system from AMETEK Drexelbrook was developed to be an easy-to-use, high-accuracy liquid level measurement system designed for a wide range of applications from basic well level measurement to sophisticated process tank level control.

The system is a cost effective alternative to other electronic devices, such as capacitance sensors, conductivity probes, ultrasonic or radar devices which can be cost prohibitive and limited to a more narrow range applications.

Unlike mechanical systems, such as floats and bubblers that can require extensive maintenance, the WELL WATCHER is designed to offer simple installation and requires little or no maintenance. In addition, no calibration is required.

The system consists of a rugged stainless steel submersible transmitter and a fully calibrated microprocessor-controlled digital meter. It can be factory calibrated for inches, feet or meters of water or any desired engineering units. Combined in a compact NEMA 4X meter housing, it is designed to be a versatile, level measurement system.

The piezoresistive technology of the electronic transmitter indicates liquid level by continuously measuring hydrostatic pressure through its nose-mounted sensing element.

Accuracy of the WELL WATCHER is ±0.25 percent of full scale including linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability. The device operates in depths from 6 feet to 690 feet (210 meters) at pressures up to 300 psi.

The system uses a stainless steel transmitter. A series of perforations in the bottom of the unit protects the sensing port from either clogging or damage. The same snub-nosed end can also unscrew, allowing for easy calibration checks.

After the transmitter is lowered into a well, tank or reservoir, the system hydrostatically measures the level of liquid. The meter then displays the level data, and if required, transmits the level data to another receiver for remote monitoring, recording and control. Two relays are provided for pump control or to activate alarms.

The customized meter displays data from the transmitter, provides excitation voltage, and transmits an analog signal for remote recording, alarm, or control functions. Its dual-programmable set points permit high-high, low-low, or high-low control with adjustable hysteresis.

The large four-digit LED display gives local indication, while the optional isolated analog output can interface with ancillary display, recording, or control devices. Two relays are provided for pump control or to activate alarms.

AMETEK Drexelbrook has over 45 years of experience in developing and manufacturing level measurement devices. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors.

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