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Sept. 20, 2001
New AC Drive Offers Icon-based Interface, Sensorless Vector Control.

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The functionality of the SP600 AC drive is presented with an intuitive human interface, which features a large graphical LCD d

The functionality of the SP600 AC drive is presented with an intuitive human interface, which features a large graphical LCD display and icons depicting functional groups for the user to select. These icons provide a simple method of locating and accessing drive variables. The benefits become clear as the user easily maneuvers through parameter groups and feature sets that are clearly identifiable on the display in six languages.


There are four independent function keys on the keypad that each can be assigned two separate functions by the user, allowing a total of eight separate operations. Operations include preset speed commands, auto/manual reference selection for speed control, and fault log access. These are included to help the user save time and eliminate the need to hardwire switches or navigate through the drive’s parameter structure.


The user can choose either Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) or V/Hz operation. The SVC operation offers advanced performance by providing optimum torque production at very low speeds — including operation at 0.0 Hertz (0 RPM). Predictable, broad constant torque performance is the key attribute of the SP600 AC Drive for single motor, constant torque applications. Motor overload protection is scalable up to 400% of the motor’s full load amp rating for PowerMatched™ performance.


Multiple enclosure configurations allow optimization of the drive’s use in specific environmental applications. Users can choose from NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X/12 wall mount enclosures. The NEMA 4X/12 enclosures are designed to provide protection during washdown in food processing applications by withstanding spray pressures up to 1,000 psi at 6 inches while also complying with NSF 51 and FDA guidelines. Dust particles as small as 22 microns also are prevented from entering the drive, providing contamination-free operation even in very severe indoor applications.


Users may consider the SP600 flange-mount design for added space savings when mounting into a cabinet. NEMA 1 enclosures can be converted to IP20 for flange-mounted installations increasing ambient operation to 50°C. The heatsink exits the rear of the cabinet for external heat dissipation, reducing hardware installation costs by eliminating the need for auxiliary cooling fans or air conditioning.


This new drive also features standard snubber brake circuitry and optional snubber braking resistor kits that can be mounted directly onto the back of the drive’s heatsink. This is very useful for handling speed overshoot or motor regeneration conditions that can occur during fast speed changes.


To optimize operations efficiency, the SP600 is designed for smooth integration into virtually any manufacturing process. Network status is clearly displayed on the cover by four separate LEDs, making communications status easy to identify.

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