Unearthing utility and drainage gear

Dec. 28, 2000
ROADS & BRIDGES uncovers the latest models of backhoe/loaders, drainage pipe and equipment

Allmand Bros. Inc.
The Allmand Contractor TLB-35 compact backhoe/loader from Allmand Bros. Inc., Holdrege, Neb., offers a 35-hp class engine at an overall weight of 4,450 lb. The unit’s 5,000-lb class industrial backhoe offers a 2-ft flat-bottom digging depth of 10 ft. The loader bucket has a capacity of 1/2-cu yd while the backhoe features a breakout force of 5,428 lb. Using dual hydraulic swing cylinders, the backhoe has a full 180-degree hydraulic cushioned swing. The machine comes standard with high flotation, low ground pressure tires, float control on the front-end loader bucket and a four-post ROPS. It also comes equipped with a universal quick-attach that can accept a multitude of skid-steer attachments. Additionally, a hydraulic PTO can directly power machine-mounted or hand-held attachments.

Case Corp.
The 590 Super L backhoe/loader was designed with performance in mind, according to manufacturer, Case Corp., Racine, Wis. Recently, the machine’s horsepower was increased from 88 to 99, in addition to a lift capacity that increased from 7,000 to 7,323 lb.

“Our customers told us they wanted more powerful machines to get their work done in less time,” said Rusty Schaefer, marketing manager. “We’ve taken our backhoe/loaders and significantly increased their power.”

An all-new powershift transmission is optional on the 590 Super L. It allows for smoother shifting, resulting in faster cycling for increased productivity. Also contributing to faster cycle times is an auto downshift button which shifts the transmission from second gear to first gear and returns the transmission back to second gear when reversing out of the pile for faster transport to the truck or stockpile.

Larger diameter loader bucket cylinders and backhoe cylinders are standard on the machine and were designed to increase breakout force. Also, 10 new co-branded attachments from the manufacturer are available for the machine, in addition to the hydraulic quick coupler, which allows the operator to change attachments without leaving the cab.

Caterpillar Inc.
Introduced in 1996, the C-Series backhoe/loader from Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, Ill., has recently been upgraded. After the introduction of a powershift option a year ago, new features include: better lift capacity due to a larger bore boom cylinder and heavy-duty boom structure; greater bucket rotation on the optional quick coupler; smoother ride due to a new ride control option; enhanced performance with more horsepower; a dual setting hydraulic torque limiter; and more operator comfort with a standard air suspension seat.

Briefly, the new large boom cylinder increases lift capacity by as much as 20%depending on the model and position in the lift envelope. As for the backhoe quick coupler, it provides an additional 12 degrees of rotation while the clamping distance is improved from 1 to 3 in.

According to the manufacturer, horsepower for the 426C has been increased to 85 while the 436C has been increased to 93 hp. No horsepower increase in the 416C was reported.

JCB Inc.
An entry level backhoe, the 214e Series 4, manufactured by JCB Inc., White Marsh, Md., offers a 72-hp Perkins engine while design standards focused on using better backhoe geometry to create more lift capacity.

“The Series 4 backhoe’s design and development were specifically focused at meeting the needs of 14-ft-class, entry-level customers,” said John Facchinei, backhoe loaders product manager. “But also, it offers complete ground-level service access and excellent in-class performance.”

A shorter mainframe allows for tight turning circles, 26 ft, 5 in., with the four-wheel drive unit. Additionally, an improved power-to-weight ratio, a simplified loader arm and leveling system for enhanced visibility and the choice for either a canopy or enclosed cab, are available.

The loader has a lift capacity of 6,750 lb in concert with a breakout force of 11,730 lb, a bucket size of 1.25 cu yd and a 32-in. reach. The backhoe offers a maximum digging depth of 14 ft, 4 in., a boom lift of 2,735 lb at 0 ft, a dipper lift of 4,945 lb at 8 ft and a breakout force of 11,470 lb, according to the company.

John Deere Construction Equipment Co.
Recently, John Deere Construction Equipment Co., Davenport, Iowa, added a powershift transmission option to its 310SE and 410E backhoe loaders. According to the company, the option increases productivity by allowing operators to change gears quicker and change direction effortlessly.

Their Power Curve series backhoe booms deliver a better digging profile, more lift and use excavator-style buckets for easier digging and reaching around buried pipes while the hydraulics operate at higher pressures for greater backhoe forces. Additionally, the backhoes feature Powertech diesel engines, which meet emission standards worldwide and a powershift transmission.

Kubota Tractor Corp.
The L35 backhoe/loaders designed and manufactured by the Kubota Tractor Corp., Torrance, Calif., are compact machines that can be operated in small, tight areas. Easy-to-use controls, hydrostatic power steering and a hydraulically shifting transmission may increase user productivity while the manufacturer’s new clutchless shift-on-the-go feature allows the operator to change gears without stepping on the clutch or coming to a complete stop, according to the manufacturer.

Additionally, the machine offers a dual-lever joystick console for backhoe operation, a trunnion-type boom swing mechanism, a number of attachments and the optional automatic backhoe return mechanism that returns the boom to the same exact excavating position at the touch of a button.

New Holland North America Inc.
The LB115 four-wheel steer backhoe/loader, manufactured by New Holland North America Inc., New Holland, Pa., brings maneuverability, versatility and productivity to the job site. The unit offers a turbocharged 108-hp engine, full-time four-wheel steering and four equal-size tires for power, traction and agility. It offers either front-wheel steer, circle-steer and crab-steer, for all types of conditions.

The LB115 has a narrow boom profile, slim cab pillars and one-piece rear window to give the operator unobstructed visibility. Controls are available in four configurations: 2-lever, 2-lever excavator style, 3-lever with footswing and 4-lever. According to the manufacturer, the unit was designed with a bent-arm loader, ideal for truck loading applications, that allows greater clearance to reach into the center of a truck and over high truck boxes.

Piping equipment

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.
A complete line of storm sewer pipe, meeting a 10.8 psi standard with diameters ranging from 4- to 48-in., is currently manufactured by Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (ADS), Columbus, Ohio. Recently, the company received ASTM D3212 watertight certification, a high-performance standard initiated for the sanitary sewer market, for its 30- to 48-in. diam N-12 Prolink WT drainage pipe, completing certification for the company’s entire line of storm sewer pipe.

According to Tony Radoszewski, director of marketing for ADS, this step fits with the company’s efforts to provide enhanced products requested in certain applications.

“The demand for watertight joints, even where soil-tight joints will suffice, has significantly increased from design engineers wanting a higher level of performance and security to meet the more rigorous regulation of ground water quality,” said Radoszewski.

Additionally, the N-12 ProLink WT pipe, initially available in diameters ranging from 12- to 36-in., is now available in a 42-in.-diam model to meet growing demand in the industry.

Corma Inc.
The model P36/120 pulsating corrugator from Corma Inc., Cleveland, Tenn., manufactures larger pipes with diameters ranging from 36- to 120-in., for the production of culverts and sewerpipe installations.

According to the manufacturer, the P36/120 processes pipe in a manner that contrasts the conventional corrugator. As the moldblocks travel downstream along the molding track and reach a pre-determined point, the mold closest to the extruder quickly opens, returns towards the extruder and closes over the last formed section of pipe. As soon as the first mold has closed, the second mold will open, return, close and so on. Each pair of mold halves opens in production just enough to clear the pipe profile on its return path.

This large-diameter production system is compact as there is little space required for the molds to cycle.

Additionally, the corrugator comes equipped with a super-cooling feature installed and the mold length allows for total flexibility in designing the best possible profile.

CSR Pipe
The Stormceptor system, manufactured by CSR Pipe, Houston, removes oils and sediments from road and highway runoff and prevents non-point source pollution from reaching waterways. During peak periods of water flow, the system does not release trapped pollutants when being serviced.

According to the manufacturer, the vertical orientation of the unit allows it to be installed in similar space allowance of a standard manhole. Additionally, it is designed to withstand HS-20 live loads.

Ditch Witch
The 57-hp Model 5700 underground construction machine from Ditch Witch, Perry, Okla., can be used as a trencher, vibratory plow or a combination of the two.

Specialized trenching components and front-mounted backhoe attachments can be added to the machine. These attachments include a combination trencher and offset vibratory plow; a multi-position trencher assembly which can be moved between center and offset positions either hydraulically and manually; an earth saw for cutting through paved surfaces or frozen ground and a front-mounted utility backhoe.

Additionally, standard forward and reverse foot shuttle, single-handle backfill blade operation and other functions are controlled from an ergonomically designed operator’s station with swivel seat, according to the manufacturer.

Power is provided by an oil-cooled Deutz diesel engine that reduces maintenance because it does require mechanical components such as transmission, clutch or right angle drive.

The machine can be used by mid-size underground construction package for utility companies, a variety of contractors and is a dependable larger model for rental operations.

Hancor Inc.
A full line of corrugated polyethylene pipe manufactured by Hancor Inc., Toledo, Ohio, is available in diameters ranging from 4- to 60-in. Available for use on larger stormwater projects, engineers and contractors can now combine pipe systems by using polyethylene or smaller diameters and traditional pipe for larger diameters.

According to the manufacturer, larger systems can be comprised of entirely polyethylene, which means even greater cost savings, ease of handling and hydraulic capacity. Another benefit of the polyethylene corrugated pipe is that installation does not require heavy equipment, in contrast to concrete and corrugated metal pipe.

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