Manufacturers put best on display for ATSSA’s Traffic Expo ‘99 Exhibition of products for the traffic safety industry await Traffic Expo ’99 attendees

Dec. 28, 2000
undefined3M A high-visibility lens system from the 3M safety and security systems division, St. Paul, Minn., delivers enhanced traffic signal prominence for better visibility on the street. The company’s retrofit lens system is brighter and more uniform, making the light appear bigger and more conspicuous. The system’s optical properties bend and direct light forward and down at approaching traffic. It outperforms the ITE intensity requirements with 116-watt lamps while providing at least 60% more luminance. The spherical reflector, frame, inner fresnel lens and outer diffuser lens come preassembled and can be installed into new or existing traffic signal heads. Visit booth No.’s 309, 421

Allmand Bros. Inc.
Available with highly-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lamps, the Allmand Eclipse solar-assisted flashing arrowboard, from Allmand Bros. Inc., Holdrege, Neb., is said to be able to run unattended for months.

It uses 50-, 75-, or 100-watt high-performance, self-regulating solar panels that charge heavy-duty, commercial marine deep-cycle power batteries to deliver quiet, efficient and dependable performance.

The solar panels have a 25-year output warranty and optional solar panels may be added to increase solar charging of the batteries. Because the arrowboard doesn’t use an engine, there is virtually no maintenance required.

The solar panels remain facing upward to collect energy, charging the batteries, whether the unit is in operating mode or in a stowed position for travel or storage. The unit’s sign board lowers for convenient towing and is available with trailer mounted or retrofit configurations in standard 15- or 25-lamp models. Visit booth No. 401.

Amida Industries Inc.
The LT7000 Quiet-Lite floodlight system from Amida Industries Inc., Rock Hill, S.C., consists of a 30-ft hydraulically-operated tower with four to six floodlights, an acoustical enclosure and a diesel engine-driven generator set. A centralized control panel and optional diagnostic center make operation and troubleshooting easier while the hydraulic system provides a high level of safety, convenience and mobility. Visit booth No. 221.

Eastern Metal/USA-Sign
Eastern Metal/USA-Sign, Elmira, N.Y., manufactures System-98, a component barricade system that features 100% recycled PVC fluted blades, polythene upright posts and custom molded fittings. The fittings can be used interchangeably to build type I, II and III barricades, vertical panel channelizers in addition to custom barricade/signage applications. The system is ballasted by using one or more heavy molded multi-use bases, that in many cases eliminate the need for costly and cumbersome sandbags. Used in combination, or individually, the common base serves to hold all varieties of plastic uprights. It can be purchased as completed individual barricades, as assembled barricade parts or as lengths and parts to be cut and assembled by the user. Visit booth No. 501.

Energy Absorption Systems Inc.
The Alpha 70K Truck Mounted Attenuator, manufactured by Energy Absorption Systems Inc., Chicago, meets NCHRP 350 Test Level 2 criteria and features an advanced design that absorbs collision energy during rear-end impacts up to 45 mph. It prevents impacting vehicles from underriding the truck, while reducing expensive equipment damage.

Energy engineers have designed several unique features into the Alpha 70K, including the company’s patented Durashell Nose that resists damage from nuisance hits and minimizes corner damage due to its tapered shape; aluminum construction that withstands harsh weather or corrosive elements; and a lightweight cartridge that provides easy handling. Visit booth No. 121.

Linear Dynamics Inc.
The Pick-Up-and-Paint (PUP) striper from Linear Dynamics Inc., Parsipany, N.J., offers the performance of a striping truck along with the affordability and flexibility of a portable module. The striper can be mounted onto the bed of a pickup or a small truck and removed with minimal effort, freeing the truck for other functions.

It can be a complete one-man striping solution since the control box can be operated from the cab as well as from the back of the vehicle. With its two 30-gal ASME pressure tanks for paint, its 240-lb ASME tank for glass beads and its programmable electronic skipline control, the striper can handle many striping applications. Visit booth No. 409.

National Signal Inc.
The ER200T truck variable message sign, manufactured by National Sign Inc., LaMirada, Calif., is designed to alert motorists of impending road and traffic hazards. Designed to be portable, the variable message sign fits into the bed of most standard open-bed trucks. Controls can be mounted on the unit or in the cab of the vehicle. The sign is available in two styles: solar powered with collectors that rotate as the sign panel rises and the standard vehicle powered unit. Visit booth No. 281.

Plastic Safety Systems
The Navigator, manufactured by Plastic Safety Systems, Cleveland, offers the features and benefits of both a cone and a vertical panel in an all-in-one channelizer.

Available in 28- and 48-in., the NCHRP-350 compliant channelizer features include a break-away design; space-saving stackability; greater visibility; molded holes for mounting signals; and a handle that also can serve as roping-off mount.

Recommended for lane closures, barricades for work-zones and vehicle traffic control, the channelizer utilizes 10-lb, 16-lb, 30-lb or 35-lb solid rubber ballasts.

Made of low-density, reshapeable polyethylene, it meets federal MUTCD standards and its reflective material can be cut evenly to stripe the channelizer with up to five 6-in. bands. Visit booth No. 327.

Recycled Technology Inc.
The RTSR-25 portable speed hump manufactured by Recycled Technology Inc., Tualatin, Ore., is constructed from recycled rubber. Molded 2 ft. x 7 ft panels are installed to make 14-ft long bumps measuring 3-in. high at the center seam and 1/8-in. at the approach edge. The portable speed restrictors also are available in a 22-ft long speed hump to control traffic at 35 mph. The product in on display in booth No. 665.

Roadway Safety Service Inc.
Wauconda, Ill.,-based Roadway Safety Service Inc., a division of Quixote Corp., has expanded its REACT 350 line of attenuators. A complete line of medium-width REACTs, capable of shielding hazards from 2 to 10 ft has already been approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The medium-width REACTs offer the same attributes of the original REACT, the ability to be hit repeatedly without the need for costly repairs and the ability of the units to restore themselves to 85% of original design capacity without any maintenance whatsoever.

Depending on the specific speed requirements, the crash cushions can handle speeds in excess of 70 mph. Engineers can now specify reusable self-restoring and extremely safe crash cushions for a wide range of applications, from narrow obstacles such as guardrail terminals and concrete median barrier ends to medium-width obstacles such as gores, sign bases and toll plazas. Available with two anchoring options, the systems can be free-standing with a self contained backup system or anchored to an existing concrete backup at the site. When anchored to concrete or asphalt, the elevated tracks keep the cylinders up off the pavement diminishing any possible effect from buildup such as snow and ice. Visit booth No. 487.

Safe-Hit Corp.
Safe-Hit Corp., based in Hayward, Calif., manufactures a complete line of flexible guide posts, construction channelizers, tubular markers, glare screen, guard rail delineators, barrier markers, emergency stop signs as well as other co-extruded polyethylene products manufactured for the highway service industry. Additional applications include vertical panels, barricades and the RubberTough product line. Visit booth No. 525.

Scientific Developments Inc.
Eugene, Ore.,-based Scientific Developments Inc., manufactures solid recycled tire rubber bases which are resistant to the elements, designed with a large footprint for added stability in all conditions and do not flatten.

Standard 8-, 12- and 18-lb. hexagonal delineator bases, as well as 21- and 28-lb. rectangular vertical panel bases, are available for immediate shipment. Customized bases with company name, phone number or logo can be molded directly into the base.

The bases are designed with 4-in. diameter posts which provide 360 degree visibility with two 3-in. white, high-intensity reflective bands. Easy-assemble posts are available in 28- and 42-in. heights and are made of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. Visit booth No. 549.

Solar Technology Inc.
The Silent Messenger II by Solar Technology Inc., Allentown, Pa., is designed for those applications where a changeable sign is needed, but space is limited. The unit, approximately the size of a trailer-mounted arrow board, weighs 1,450 lb and the sign panel measures 94 in. wide by 54 in. high.

Completely solar powered, the full matrix/full graphics display features one, two or three line message capability, plus flashing arrows, moving arrows, chevrons and custom graphics. Three levels of password protection and start/stop programming with time/date calendar are included at no additional cost. Cellular remote control and radar speed monitor options are available. User-friendly, menu-driven programs provide for easy creation, modification and display of message and graphics. Up to 400 messages, 200 sequences of up to 16 messages each, 50 pre-programmed graphics and 50 user-defined custom graphics can be stored. The custom control console features an industrial grade, alphanumeric, 100% waterproof keyboard and an 8 line by 40 character graphics LCD display, backlit for night use. Visit booth No. 473

S-Square Tube Products
The Easy Driver from S-Square Tube Products, Commerce City, Colo., is used for driving square sign post anchors into the ground. A drive cap and post driver all in one, it allows one installer to drive the anchor into the ground straight every time while padded handles absorb shock during installation. Conventional installation methods require two installers, one to hold the anchor straight while the other uses a sledge hammer. The product is on display in booth No. 481.

Swarco Industries Inc.
For the past 25 years, Columbia, Tenn.-based Swarco Industries Inc. has been focused on keeping highway safety in sight with reflective construction zone and permanent long-life marking materials. The company’s Director for Intersections permanent marking tapes are used for high-shear, high-traffic areas which require tough markings that can withstand the environment of intersection applications. The permanent marking tapes are available in roll goods or a full selection of MUTCD and customized legends and symbols. Visit booth No. 441.

Trinity Industries Inc.
Trinity Industries Inc., Centerville, Utah, offers TRACC, an all-steel crash cushion to meet demands for a low-cost, durable and efficient crash cushion. Built from galvanized steel components, TRACC works for both bi-directional and uni-directional installations in both permanent and temporary locations. Measuring 21 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft 8 in., the crash cushion is preassembled and ready for installation. With site specific transition provided, installations protect the traveling public from adversely impacting ends of concrete barriers, steel barriers and abutments. Visit booth No. 624.

WLI Industries
Through normal wear-and-tear in the field, warning light circuitry is often damaged, leaving users with two choices—repairing the circuits themselves or replacing them with new circuits. WLI Industries, Villa Park, Ill., offers a third repair choice for users of their ToughLite 2000 warning light: sending them in for factory service.

As part of the service plan, customers can send damaged ToughLite 2000 circuits to WLI. After evaluating and repairing the damage, the circuits are sent back to the customers in “like new” condition. To find out more about this service, visit booth No. 227.